More English Classes for FSU Football Players?

So, bad news for FSU today as CB Greg Reid was kicked off the team for “violating team rules”.  In my mind, this guy probably fucked up enough that it was time to go and I like Jimbo putting his foot down.  He is clearly telling his team that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated.

Anyway, since he banned Twitter a few weeks ago, his players cannot express their frustration on Twitter, which, of course, is the natural place to go.  So, instead they have to do it the old fashion was, on Facebook …

No Twitter? Noles talk Reid on Facebook – FSU Seminoles Blog – ESPN.

Their reactions are what you’d expect … but I guess I’m a bit out of touch … do college students really still “talk” this way:

“I kno Wat it feel like to feel alone n have backs turned on ya,” Wilder wrote on Facebook. “(Reid,) everybody kno u did a lot for the university n team…u played a big role in my college career.” 

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